Attention Trainer

Teach your dog to focus up at you while in heel position. Start by wearing it low on your arm with a treat on the end of the nylon bait stick and having the dog on leash. The dog quickly learns that a treat can be earned by looking up and reaching up when allowed to do so.
Once your dog has mastered looking up and has grown in size, the Attention Trainer may be moved up the arm above the elbow. This keeps the treat in a stable position while you teach heads up heeling. Next you shorten the bait stick until it disappears, and the food or toy comes out from behind the arm band holder. At a trial, remove the tab and place your arm band inside the Attention Trainer which keeps it is safe from the elements, and eliminates dealing with rubber bands.

Sold in minimum quantity of three.  Price is $40.00  each with free shipping. Includes the attention trainer made to your upper arm size 11 to 17 inches, three bait sticks, and a plastic tab. The distance around your upper arm should be measured wearing your usual training/showing clothes and using a cloth measuring tape to measure is the most accurate.

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