Wood Scent Articles

Our wood scent articles have Hardwood ends and Hardwood bars. Oak ends with Oak bars, or Poplar ends with Maple bars are available.
The wood is protected with a clear sealant.
The available end sizes are 2 inches, 2-1/2 inches, 2-7/8 inches, and 3 inches. Available dowel diameters are 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, and 3/4 of a inch. Most bar lengths are available.
The numbers are engraved into the wood and the color can be changed or refreshed with a Sharpie Permanent Marker. 
The price is $130 plus $15 shipping for a set of 6 articles. Numbers 0, 7, and 8 are also available. When purchasing a set which contains other than numbers 1-6, please contact me first.

Solid Oak Article on left, Solid Poplar on Right

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Order Six Oak Articles

Order Six Poplar Articles